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    Why are you not growing?

    There’s this spot in the Bible where Paul is practically yelling at the Corinthians…

    “Here I gave you solid food, yet you’re still drinking spiritual milk!”

    For context:

    Paul already taught the Corinthians the fundamentals of Christianity at this point.

    But when he goes back to check in on how they’re growing in their goals — to his utter shock he finds out they’re a bunch of slackers and basically…

    Calls them babies!

    You babies! You should have grown up by now eating your veggies but you’re still on momma’s milk. Fools!

    He goes absolute HAM on them.

    And for good reason.

    He’s tired of seeing his investment go to waste.

    To which I see this as one of the most profound problems amongst email copywriters right now.

    You’re sucking down milk wondering…

    Why the heck are you not growing!?

    I can tell you why.

    You not chompin’ your veggies, mate! (Let alone some prime rib!)

    You read Boron Letters once, pumped out a few tweets, and call yourself an Expert (Or how my Email Sensei says “Ex-Spurt”)

    And therefore I’m having my little “Paul to the Corinthians” moment right now with you.

    There is no shortcut.

    If you want to grow your skill, your business (and the green stuff in your pocket)…

    It’s time to decide if you’re all in or all out!

    And if you’re all in, a great place to start is my 2-hour course called Write Publish Chill:

    I’m not gonna lie though — this course ain’t the “milk” you see on Twitter. This is veggies & prime rib territory.

    It’ll shave at least 12 months off guessing how to grow a Twitter audience & email list for your biz.

    But no pressure.

    If that’s not helpful to you. Don’t click that link.

    Soak in today’s lessons and start taking yourself seriously though.

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “Prime Rib Commitment Only!” Dragu

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