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    Ugly Trolls vs Sexy Trolls

    Last week, my friends at ConvertKit (Email Marketing Platform) announced a major rebrand!

    They will be simplifying their brand from ConvertKit to soon to be just → Kit

    This caused a lot of celebration on social media and even a little bit of…

    Downright ugly trolling!

    Some of the buzzin’ boys over at BeeHiiv (Another email marketing platform) took jabs all day after the ConvertKit announcement and dropped tweets like this:

    Jake S.

    ”Name is now Ke.” >


    ”Mine is just G” >

    EJ from Beehiiv

    ”Brb I’m rebranding.

    Edward → Soon to be Ward” >

    Now here, my dear friends, is what my Sensei and Email Master Ben Settle teaches as “Downstairs Trolling.”

    Downstairs trolling is the guy in the basement who lives with his mom, eats Cheetos all day while he watches Stranger Things and rage posts on Twitter & Reddit. 😡

    He’s usually wildly insecure about something (which is why he is trolling).

    And in this case, the buzzin’ boys may be slightlyyyy insecure about ConvertKit being bigger than both BeeHiiv & Substack combined… (but whose counting?)

    Here’s the the thing though…

    Not all trolling is bad!

    In fact, when done correctly (Upstairs Trolling — which I shall talk about here briefly) then it can actually stir the right people to help move your brand (and personal mission) forward!

    As opposed to throwing your Angry Cheetos at competitors cause their suckin’ the honey out of your Hiiv…

    An Upstairs Troll is when you position yourself against a brand enemy that is standing in the way of your moral mission!

    For example — you’ll see me troll ChatGPT on occasion (see my email from last Monday where I battled ChatGpt and absolutely crushed him in a Copywriting Challenge Royal)

    I have a personal mission to teach people how to build meaningful human relationships by writing online and in email.

    So I happily troll at the waste it is to use AI to replace your personality, writing, thinking and possible connection with more humans for the sake of “efficiency.”

    Do you see the difference!?

    The Downstairs Troll is a turn off, lame and honestly hurts your character more than helps your brand!

    As an old friend would tell me, “Don’t sacrifice your reputation for reach.”

    Where as the Upstairs Troll has that William Wallace affect where you rightfully build an army against an evil enemy that is hurting your mission!

    Which is exactly the reason I partner with the boys at ConvertKit in their mission to help One Billion creators (Authors, Writers, Musicians, Podcasters, etc) make a living do what they love!

    (And why 600,000+ creators use ConvertKit for the same reason)

    So if you want the exact software tools I use for my email marketing, automations and selling products…

    (And want to support the mission of my friends at ConvertKit)

    Click the ugly hyperlink below:

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Upstairs Troll Only” Dragu

    P.S. I’ve got a new email course coming soon where I walk you through how I set up my automations, how I write emails, get ideas, etc. Is that something you’d be interested in?

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