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    The 💩 Economy Survival Plan

    It’s Circa 2020.

    Everything is shut down.

    At the time, I’m working as a Director of Marketing at a big Atlanta church.

    And guess what churches are known for?

    Gathering in buildings every Sunday!

    And guess what happens when people don’t gather in buildings?

    Their relationships and community completely crumble!

    My job was to work with the creative team to figure out a strategy to keep people connected and spiritually healthy in a time like Coh-Vid.

    Sure. We can double down on social media (but people were TikTok exhausted).

    Yeah. We can call people (but we didn’t have enough time for 150 employees to call 35,000 people every day)

    *Remember I said big church…*

    So we had to figure out another well.

    To which Yours Truly discovered…

    A Treasure Trove Gift From God!

    “Will you finally let me use our email list… pleeeeeeease!?”


    Our IT department was “protecting” the church’s massive email list because they thought my marketing team would abuse it.

    Little did they know just how much I would abuse it 🤣

    IT: “Fine. Fine. Fine. Alin… you can use the email list.”

    ALIN: How many are on this list?

    IT: 42,000+

    Oh papa we were coookiin! 🧑‍🍳🔥

    To which I quickly set up multiple email campaigns for every single department we had.

    (Including a weekly newsletter that is still going strong in 2024 with the highest open rate and click rate they’ve ever had)

    And lest I say, those email campaigns (and personal relationships) was a MAJOR factor that saved our freaking bootay in Coh-Vid.

    We connected daily with people on:

    • Weekly teachings
    • How to serve their community (which generated 1,000+ volunteers)
    • And how to generously donate to those in need (Which generated $1.2M in donations from email and YT)

    And while I don’t anticipate (or hope) for another Coh-vid season…

    I do believe there’s gonna be a 💩 economy coming up to which I believe you could not just survive in but…

    Absolutely thrive in!

    If and ONLY IF you do this ONE thing…

    You need to OWN a piece of information that allows you to directly communicate with people you seek to serve.

    I.e. an email address, phone number, mailing address — something that ISN’T your social media account.

    Because when economies tank, so do algorithms — forcing you to pay a premium or work your bootay off to reach even a quarter of the people you were.

    And if you have no idea where to get started with that — you can sign up for your own FREE email account at ConvertKit (and start building your list today):

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “Build Your List” Dragu

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