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    Tank-Riding Copywriters Obliterate Their Own Careers!

    Yesterday, I was having coffee with a friend (and copywriting client).

    (I’m rewriting his website sales page)

    We’re kicked back for about 2 hours while our kind waitress endlessly refills our coffee mugs and French toast.

    I’m grilling my man with question after question after question!

    After we wrap up, he leans over and says…

    “Ya know Alin, it’s so funny… the first time I did this website, the guy who wrote the copy didn’t ask me any of these questions.

    He sent me a tiny little 5-question survey asking me about my services but that’s it.”

    To which I wish I could say I was surprised but had ZERO shock in my bones.

    In fact, it reminded of a Ben Settle-ism that he constantly beats in his students (which I am one)…

    “Always be market first, not marketing first!”

    I.e. Spend 90% of your time thinking about the people you seek to serve (and sell to) more than your own product or services.

    You need to know:

    • What are their fears?
    • How do they talk? Act?
    • What are their political views?
    • What are their main objections?
    • What income bracket are they in?
    • What is the dream life they want? Why?
    • How aware of your product / market are they?
    • What do they lie awake at night worried about?

    And that’s just getting started!

    In fact, Sensei Settle goes on to drill into us:

    “Being armed with the correct research is like riding around in a tank while all the lesser ‘copywriters’ prattling on about persuasion tips and tricks, and manipulative closes and chokes are running around shooting their cap guns!”


    I don’t know about you but I’d rather be riding around in a Copywriting Tank!

    Which is exactly why my Sales Pages take 3-4 weeks minimum to write!

    Because I spend the first couple weeks simply studying the market itself before ever…

    Writing a single blessed word on the page!

    And if you feel like your sales page could be converting way higher and like my friend, you got the bare minimum effort last time somebody did this for you.

    (But this time you want that white glove crème de le crème copywriting experience)

    Then simply reply to this email with:

    1. What’s the website / sales page you want rewritten?
    2. What’s your current monthly revenue?
    3. What’s your target monthly revenue?


    Take note…

    1. I have a waiting list right now. (I.e. I can’t start my next client until Mid-September)
    2. I’m not cheap. (But last time you went the cheap route, you got cheap results)
    3. I’m hecka picky. (I.e. I want to work with people whose products and industries I can be personally passionate about)

    That said, 98% of the replies won’t be a good fit but for one or two people that we hit it off…

    We’re going to make magic!

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Market First Copywriter” Dragu

    P.S. Would you be interested, as a copywriter, in how I do research?