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    Okay. I’m all in on AI…

    Yesterday, I was absolutely blown away by the Apple Keynote.

    *Spoiler alert*

    Apple’s positioning on having personal experiences where your own AI Siri is truly like a Harvard level professional assistant to the point of calling it…

    Apple Intelligence!

    Now that’s just genius.

    Now every time you think of AI — Apple lives in your head rent free. (that’s a marketing lesson for you)

    And after seeing this, I started thinking — wow!

    I have some ideas on how to use AI to transform even my tiny little email copywriting business.

    And thats by leaning into my own propriety AI functions. Things that nobody else can touch, taste, or swipe.

    And I’m calling it…

    Alin Intelligence!

    Profound! Brilliant! Exhilarating!

    While I did truly enjoy the Apple Keynote — it made me realize that my brain (and yours) is now even more valuable because of Apple!

    The more people outsource their thinking, writing and creativity to machine learning — the less that good ol’ noggin of yours understands things like:

    • Human psychology
    • Sales & persuasion
    • Human relationships

    And I truly believe the worst mistake you can make as a human is to stop investing in your OWN intelligence for the sake of “efficiency.”

    But to reference a sly joke from a tweet I saw online:

    “The minute AI can do the dishes, laundry and change my tires — I’m all in!” — haha!

    So this is your sign!

    While everybody else is out there prompting Siri to do all their dirty work.

    Some of us will be:

    • Reading long paper books
    • Studying true human thinking
    • Building meaningful relationships

    I recommend you do the same.

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Investing In My Own Intelligence” Dragu

    P.S. What was your favorite part about the Apple Keynote?!

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