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    Midnight regrets.

    It’s November 2022.

    I’m sitting in the brown leather chair in my office.

    It’s late at night — past 11PM — likely midnight.

    I’m sinking into the soft leather exhausted — having just finished another pitch deck for a client.

    When am I going to start writing online? Writing for myself?

    But it haunts me…

    Every excuse I can think of floods me!

    “I’m too busy.”

    “Nobody is going to read my stuff.”

    “I don’t have anything important to say.”

    But then it hits me.

    For whatever reason — it struck me like lightning.

    I asked the question I should have been asking the whole time…

    What if I never write for myself?

    What if another year goes by and I don’t publish that book I’ve been dreaming about? Or those blog posts in my head? Or even a tweet or two?

    What if in another year from now I’m sitting in this chair yet again without having written a single blessed word?

    Still making pitch decks for clients. Still writing copy for other people. Still revising every single word somebody else doesn’t like.

    Never being creative for myself.

    And that’s when I felt the weight of regret… and let me tell you…

    Work weighs ounces, but regrets weighs pounds!

    So that night… I wrote a few tweets.

    Then started writing articles.

    A few months later, I started writing that book I had been dreaming about.

    All the way to now having written:

    • 40,000+ tweets
    • #1 Best Selling Book
    • 200+ daily emails to 1,000+ people

    But it all started by writing a few tweets that night.

    So let me ask — if you never started (or if you quit your journey today)…

    Would you be okay with the regret?

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Hit Publish Daily” Dragu

    P.S. I wish I would have had Write Publish Chill when I was sitting in that chair wondering how to start. That’s why I made the course.

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