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    How to write copy even Gordon Ramsay eats!

    I’m on the couch watching re-runs of MasterChef (a family favorite in the Dragu household) with my four-year-old — Liam.

    There’s this guy in Season 5 called Big Willy.

    (Which I’m not gonna lie — Liam laughs so hard when Gordon Ramsay says his name)

    “Big Willy!!!”

    Liam crackles!

    “You seasoned the living mess out of the meat Willy, come on… looks like you’ve got one foot out the door!” (Gordon still yelling!)

    Then Liam turns to me…

    Oh wow, Dad. Big Willy never wins. He should wear a hat that says “Don’t Win Very Much.”

    To which..

    I began crackling!

    Haha Liam’s brutal honesty is almost as intense as Gordons!

    But I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to teach my boy an important lesson.

    “Why doesn’t he win very much, Liam?”

    “He doesn’t seem very good.”

    “Do you think if he was a better cook, he would win more often?”

    “Oh yeah! And maybe if he changed his name from Big Willy”

    “Haha! Okay so if he changes his name and gets better at cooking, he would win?”

    “Yeah! Then he could get a different hat that says “Wins Very Much”

    Since then, it’s been sealed in Liam’s four-year-old mind…

    It’s 10x easier to “Win Very Much” when you’re better than everyone else in the kitchen!

    And to my fellow email copywriters who are out there struggling to book clients or sell their stuff…

    Can I ask you?

    Are you the best dayng copywriter in the kitchen? Or are you Big Willy? (Not as good as you think you are)

    Big Willy couldn’t fool Gordon and you’re not fooling anybody else.

    Copy is one of the hardest (but most rewarded) skills on the planet.

    Master the skill and you’ll be rewarded handsomely!

    If you’re unsure just how good you are and want me to personally review your copy.

    Reply to this email with a Google Doc with something you recently wrote that you’re proud of.

    I will personally give you feedback.

    (Only responding to the people who reply in the next 24 hours)

    Until next time — your friend,

    Alin “Wins Very Much” Dragu

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