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    From Waitress to CEO.

    Here’s a short story about legendary Shark & Real Estate Mogul — Barbara Corcoran:

    In the early 1970’s, Barbara got tired of being a waitress to rich people and she said…

    I wanna be the rich person!

    So she started asking her customers, “Excuse me sir… what business are you in?”

    And she heard over and over again — “I’m in real estate”

    She quit her waitress job, borrowed $1,000 from her boyfriend, and started her own Real Estate Group — The Corcoran Group!

    (Talk about cojones!)

    She was a teacher and a waitress, so she knew between her people skills and Grant-Cardone-Esque confidence…

    She would dominate!

    Within a few months, she made her first sale that resulted in a CHUNKY COMMISSION 🤑


    (Which in 2024 money is $10,927!)

    You know the first thing she did with that money?

    She bought a fur coat!

    That’s right… an $11,000 fur coat! 🧥

    And in her own words, “It was the best investment I made into myself as an up-and-coming entrepreneur”

    That $11,000 fur coat draped on her like a P.I.M.P was the status symbol of success and confidence to her FUTURE sales.

    If you want to talk about social proof that people RESPECT — whether you like it or not — it’s visual luxury.

    • The BMW
    • The Rolex Daytona
    • The $11,000 Fur Coat

    This signals to those around you, “I’m good at what I do and people pay me for it.”

    As an email copywriter, visual status symbols play into the game more than you think.

    It’s what the highest-paid copywriter in the world, Gary Halbert, talked about called…


    It’s intentionally investing in things that elevate YOU in front of the people you want to RESPECT you.

    You do this with:

    • Professional headshots on your profile
    • The clothes you wear in your videos
    • The design of your portfolio

    And about every other little nook and cranny you can think of!

    Anywhere that people experience you in person or online as an email copywriter, your job is to…

    Drape yourself with a $11,000 fur coat!

    And bring the confidence and luxury of yourself to a new standard — earning the respect of your future clients, customers, and yourself.

    And if you’re looking to juice up your personal bank account as an online writer to be a little more luxurious — click the link below for my micro-course:

    I hope you enjoyed this one!

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Wear an $11,000 Fur Coat” Dragu

    P.S. there is a really nasty side of this like materialism, credit card debt, addiction, egotism, pride etc — I am writing this assuming you are an INTELLIGENT person and understand the game I am telling you to play (and the dangers around it)

    Cheers =)

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