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    FIRED for using AI copy… 👀

    True story:

    I am in this Copywriter’s Community and this got passed around about a guy who was FIRED from his UpWork gig because the client smelt the nasty stench of ChatGPT in his work!

    The “Copywriter” turned in some blog posts and the client ran it through ZeroGPT (a software that scans for AI in the writing) and it tested 78% positive for AI Writing.

    The client went crazy and lost it on the dude!

    Especially since the UpWork job posting said:

    “The use of ChatGPT in any writing will result in NO PAYMENT.”

    Which is exactly what the client did!

    Returned the blog posts and said, “we ain’t touchin’ this with a 10 foot pole”

    And did not pay a lick of the invoice!

    To which the Copywriter kid told us in the Copywriting Community that he swears he didn’t use ChatGPT at all!

    And one guy replied:

    “That’s even worse! Your own writing is so boring and stale it confused it for 78% bum work!”

    Haha! 🤣

    Harsh! But it gave me a chuckle.

    To which I then ran my email for the day through ZeroGPT to see if it sensed any AI in my writing.

    And NOT to my shock…

    0% AI Detected In Yours Truly’s Copy!

    Because there wasn’t any to detect 😉

    Here’s the down-and-dirty lesson:

    12 months ago, people were harping about how AI was going to replace copywriters in no time.

    The gooroos online still claim “Any day now…”

    And all I am seeing are more and more clients demanding HUMAN COPYWRITING.

    So if you’re one of those who spent the last 12 months learning how to “prompt” good copy instead of studying legends like Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, and Ben Settle…

    Lesson Learned!

    For the rest of you who have been studying diligently… atta boy! (Or gal)

    Now let’s shut down these AI fanboys and write REAL copy!

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “0% GPT” Dragu

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