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    Are newsletters dead?!

    Question from Email Subscriber, Roman:

    “You drive people to a newsletter? How is it working for you? I found that newsletters usually have a weak opt-in rate.”

    Here’s the thing:

    I actually do believe that the traditional newsletter is DEAD.

    The whole once-a-week massive long-form article that pumps niche “advice” into a crowd.

    Humans are on information overload right now but are depleted of…

    Meaningful relationships!

    They don’t want your top 10 best copywriting tips or “must-read” book recommendations anymore.

    People want to know more about YOU.

    They want to know how you personally balance life and work.

    How you deal with the stresses of freelancing, career, and kids.

    How you grew your income without obliterating your health.

    What are your dreams, goals, and visions!? And how do you plan on getting there…

    People follow people!

    So yeah…

    If you’re proposition to get people on your email list is that once a week you’re going to send them healthy cooking recipes or whatever.

    The truth is → NO ONE CARES.

    They can google that right now.

    But if your proposition to get them on your list is that you’ll send them a daily email documenting your journey becoming a Michelin star chef (and they get a bonus 50 FREE recipes just for joining)…

    Then I bet your opt-in rate goes through the ROOF!

    And my prediction is that as AI becomes more prevalent in our culture, information will become far less valuable.

    Which will make…

    Relationships and Entertainment far more valuable!

    For those of you who are truly understanding what I am saying in this… kudos! YOU WILL THRIVE!

    I hope this inspires to:

    *Write to your people more often

    *Tell more behind-the-scenes stories

    *Care about the people who care about you

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Relationships Over Information” Dragu

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