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    50 Shades of Kanye

    Here are some of the most iconic and knee-slapping tweets from Kanye West:

    “I need a room full of mirrors so I could be surrounded by winners.”


    “I wish I could run across a beach into my own arms.”


    “Man…. Ninjas are kinda cool… I just don’t know any personally…”


    “I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle”


    “Sometimes I push the door close button on people running towards the elevator. I just need my own elevator sometimes. My sanctuary.”


    “I no longer have a manager. I can’t be managed.”


    Hate or love the guy — you never knew which shade of Kanye you were going to get on any given day.

    Which made him wildly interesting to follow!

    In fact, I heard a joke one time that people who love Kanye West read his tweets for up to an hour a day!

    And people who HATE Kanye West read his tweets for 3 hours a day 🤣

    The truth is as humans we are magnetically drawn to things that are different and interesting!

    Which is what plagues 99.9% of copywriters and creators online!

    They have no Kanye in them.

    No different shades or flavors to bring to your writing!

    If you’re pumping out the same ol’ copy and paste templates you swiped from your gooroo (like everybody else is doing).

    You’re going to sound, taste, look, feel…

    And smell like everybody else!

    Which is why I can’t believe it took this long for somebody to FINALLY put out a course on personality.

    My friend, Lessa (also known as the GIF-Queen) is followed by some of the most iconic people on Twitter today:

    • Kieran Drew
    • Sun Yi
    • George Ten
    • Alex Mathers
    • Chris Dyson
    • Aaron Will

    And a bunch of other people.

    And she got not just their attention… but their ability to SMASH FOLLOW by having personality (through GIFs)

    The Lesson?

    Boring is the death of digital writing.

    Channel your inner Kanye (Or Inner Lessa) to become unpredictable, hilarious and absolutely captivating in your emails, threads and even sales pages!

    (Which by the way — Lessa’s sales page for her course is notably one of the best I’ve ever read!

    I’ve never laughed this hard going through a sales page!)

    Click the link below to see what I am talking about:

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Be Like Kanye” Dragu

    P.S. Lessa’s GIF course is on a MASSIVE launch sale for the next 16 hours ONLY. $100 off until 11PM EST.

    So if you don’t want to miss out. HAUL YOUR BOOTY over there.