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    5 clients who are vampires

    Back in my client work days, I used to have names for the types of people that would “suck the soul” out of a project.

    It was my own personal way of coping with a few rather “intense” clients.

    I’ve named them for your entertainment pleasure!

    Which one resonate with you?? 🤣

    1. Connected Carl — If anything happens for any reason at any point in time, he wants to “connect” about it. Terrible at decision making and never confident in his own skin.
    2. Meeting Melvin — “Let’s have a meeting about that” And then proceeds to invite the entire company and his two sisters, schedules it during lunch and doesn’t order in.
    3. Notification Nancy — Bing Bing Bing! Did you get that? Did you see my Slack? Did you hear my voicemail? I faxed you too. Called your mom. Sent you a wuphf!
    4. Strategy Steve — Has no idea how to do any of the tactical work to build a business so hoaxes himself as a “strategy guy.” Soooooo what’s the strategyyyyy? Hmmmmm…..
    5. Revision Richard — Say things like “Let’s make that pop more” or “Hmmm I was thinking we could do something like…” and truly has no idea what he wants but is trying to seem important.

    And while I’ve had some AMAZING clients — I’ve had too many vampires.

    Which is exactly why I writing for myself (and only myself!) using social media and email.

    And if you want to see my EXACT playbook for building a business where you can fire your clients and get paid writing your own stuff…

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    Alin “No More Vampires” Dragu

    P.S. Reply back to this email and let me know which vampires you’ve personally dealt with! (even ones not on this list!?)

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