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    A day in the life of an email copywriter.

    Jay from Twitter / X asks:

    “Hey mate. I’ve noticed you’ve got little kids.

    If you don’t mind me asking. How do you balance work, family and writing online?

    Strugglin’ a bit myself. Not gonna lie. I appreciate it.”

    I’m going to give it to you straight Jay…

    Unbalance comes from impatience.

    The reality is I only spend an hour or two a day max building my email copywriting business.

    And that day looks like:

    6AM: Coffee & Study my Bible

    6:30AM: Write (Emails & Tweets)

    7:30AM: Read

    8AM: Breakfast with family

    8:45: Shower / Get Ready for work

    9:00AM: Deep work

    12PM: Lunch with fam

    1PM: Maintenance Work

    4PM: Workout

    5PM: Dinner with fam and play with kids

    8:30PM: Kids go down — I write some more

    9:00PM: Hang with wife

    10PM: Read

    10:30PM: Bed

    I’m spending almost 2 hours a day of focused writing.

    Do that 7 days a week and you’re at 14 hours a week.

    Do that 52 weeks a year and you’re at 728 hours hours per year building your biz.

    Do that for 3 years and you have a 6-figure passive income biz.

    Stop looking for shortcuts!

    Be patient. Don’t sacrifice your health. Don’t rush to “blow up online” like the gurus tell you.

    Pick up your pen and put in the work for 2 hours per day.

    (This routine consistently makes me a couple grand per month sending one email per day)

    And if you like the idea of my schedule, working 2 hours per day on the side biz — I deep dive into this on Lesson 9 of my course…

    Hope this helps!

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “2 hour per day biz guy” Dragu

    P.S. I stole this model from my mentor who made $350K last year working less than an hour per day with email copywriting. I ain’t fluffing you pillow here.

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