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    The Incredible Advertisement Secrets of…. LEGO!?

    Yesterday, I’m grabbing the mail and in comes three brand-spanking new LEGO magazines.


    My wife, Adriana, subscribed all THREE of our kid’s (Hailey, Liam, and Luca) to get LEGO so they don’t individually fight over one magazine.

    That’s why parenting is expensive… you have to buy three of everything!

    Back to the story…

    I slap the magazines down on the kitchen table, chopped up some fruits for the kids to snack on, and let them go hog-ham ripping through the pages…

    LIAM: Daaaad! Look! Despicable Me Legos! Dad Look!

    LUCA: I see dat dez-pick-bubble me dad (Luca’s 2-year-old innocence melts me every time!)

    HAILEY: Oooooooo they have Animal Crossing, Dad!

    ALIN: oooooo let me see, let me see!

    (It’s true… I love me some LEGO too 😄)

    We read the comics, do the puzzles, and look at LEGO drooling over some of the new sets!

    Eventually, we eat dinner.

    To which I lean over to Adriana and tell her — I gotta write an email about this.

    ADRI: Why? Haha about the LEGO?

    Because there’s one major lesson I can’t not share with you…

    You ready?










    The best ads don’t FEEL like ads!

    LEGO had me and my three kids rummaging through their ads like a kid in a candy shop.

    That’s what you want.

    You want people to have so much fun with your copywriting (or any content for that matter) that they chomp down every blessed word and ask for seconds… then they BUY!

    (You think we’re not gonna buy some more LEGO after staring at it for hours?!)

    And the way that you do that is…


    Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

    Or what my Email Grandmaster, Sensei Ben Settle, calls Infotainment (Information + Entertainment)

    To which Ben savagely points out…

    “I’ve never seen a teacher make more money than an A-list Hollywood Actor or Comedian”

    Because our culture values entertainment!

    If LEGO would have shipped a magazine full of ads just trying to sell new LEGO sets with information about the product, new features, how to put them together, and blah blah blah.

    We may have looked at it for a couple of minutes and then put it down.

    But because they include games, puzzles, comics, and stories inside the magazine…

    We were drooling over it like kids on Christmas morning!

    “But Alin — how do I do Edutainment!?”

    Fantastic question, my cherished student of copy.

    You do exactly what I just did.

    You tell a story, connect it to a lesson, and then tie that lesson to your product.

    (As you’re about to see)

    Because the story I just told in this email is from one of my six-story frameworks I teach in lesson 11 of my Write Publish Chill course.

    To see the other five frameworks for yourself, you can pop into the course (if you own it) and review lesson 11.

    If you don’t own it, I’ll give you an opportunity to snag it up here:


    (You see how I connected the lesson to my product? I teach you how to do that in lesson 18 of my course)

    Hope this helps!

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “Edutainment” Dragu

    P.S. It’s been a while since you’ve seen me talk about Write Publish Chill. It’s because I’m actually winding it down from my product pyramid to focus 100% on creating products for Copywriters.

    (Write Publish Chill is more for creators as a whole to build an audience via writing)

    With that said, I don’t know when I will retire it but I WILL retire it soon. So if that’s a product you’ve been on the fence on, grab it before I take it down.


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