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    The Airport Fiasco

    Many months ago, I made a gawd-awful trip to the airport.

    Flying back to Atlanta from New Orleans.

    And if you’ve ever been to the Atlanta airport, you know…

    That place is a fiasco of frustration flying off the walls!

    Mind you — I’ve been to this airport many of times.

    But for whatever reason, I cannot navigate this thing for the life of my blessed soul!

    When I got off the plane…

    It took me 3 hours to find my Honda Civic!

    I parked in one those off-site parking decks that you get shuttled to.

    So I did what any normal human would do.

    Get back on the SAME shuttle that brought me from the parking deck to the airport!


    Says the grinch-like employees who I feverishly asked why the heck this shuttle keeps looping around the airport (without dropping off at the deck.)

    “Oh you’re looking for the shuttle at the south entrance”

    (Even though Yours Truly got dropped off at the North Entrance)

    Fine. Fine. Fine.

    The South Entrance I shall trope to with 108 pounds of luggage.

    I get to the south entrance to a shuttle that doesn’t look anything like the shuttle that brought me here.

    (Maybe I’m dumber than I think I am…)

    Let’s hop on anyway!

    So I hop on this thing.

    Loopty loop around the airport a couple more times.

    “Excuse me sir” I show him my ticket, “Is this shuttle going to this parking deck?”

    “No man you need to go to the north entrance”

    “I… Just… Came… From… There…”

    “Yeah go back”

    So I trope my frustrated (and now quite hangry) self through the 2-mile long stretch from the south entrance back to the north entrance to ask yet another employee:

    Which shuttle takes me here!?

    (Showing him my ticket)

    “Oh man you need to go downstairs, thats the downstairs shuttle”

    In what world… with no signage… how would I know that!?

    So down the escalator I go to the downstairs area to find out…

    … It’s under construction!!

    No shuttles. No people. No employees.

    Just construction!

    Lost again, I go back up stairs

    (To which my Apple Watch is going nuts with rewards!)

    *Walking Achievement*

    *Exercise Goal Reached*

    *Anger Management Barely Achieved*

    “My man” talking to the guy I just talked to upstairs, “Its under construction. Are there ANY other shuttles?!”

    “Try international.”

    But I flew from New Orleans, not Paris!

    “Give it a shot”

    To which I kindly whispered to the Lord, “Jesus keep me near the cross” and walked my gluteus maximus 15 feet to the right, called an Uber!

    I asked him to drive me to the parking deck on my ticket.

    He gave me an odd look to which I almost said…

    “If you don’t know where this is, take me home and I will just buy a new freaking honda civic”

    But thankfully he knew where it was!

    “I gotchu my man”

    I hop in, pay for an overpriced 3-mile drive and finally get to my almost-abandoned blue Civic.

    I peel outta the parking deck and head back to my humble, urban home.

    But what does this have to do with marketing? or business!?


    One of the biggest problems I see when I coach, consult & help people build their brands and business is…


    They make their business feel like the Atlanta Airport with no clear niche, offer, packages, next steps, or even insight into the problem they solve.

    Its just a bunch of ChatGPT copy slapped onto a WordPress landing page begging for any client that will potentially wave money at them.

    And honestly, I don’t blame YOU.

    I blame all the terrible (and overcomplicated) business advice I see online from “gurus”

    It’s all non-sense.

    Which is exactly why I teach my dead-simple 3-step ARM framework (that I’ve personally used to build multiple 6-figure businesses)

    It’s so stupid simple that you almost won’t believe it works.

    No. no. no. Its so simple you might LAUGH at me when you hear it — but my Stripe account speaks for itself!

    Its Lessons 1, 9 and 18 in my course (Write Publish Chill)

    So if you’re tired of running around the airport, not making any money and confusing the heck out of your customers.

    Click the link below


    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Hates Airports” Dragu

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