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    The 14-Hour Work Week

    I wrote this tweet last week and got heckuva responses:

    2025 Prediction:

    • Paper newsletters will skyrocket
    • Analog watches will be worn more
    • Vinyl record sales will continue to rise

    Digital fatigue is turning into digital exhaustion.

    The comments and DM’s that resonated with this were far more than expected.

    And you’re either on the “DIGITAL FOREVER” side of the fence or you too are like, “Hmm that Amish community is sounding pretty nice right now!”

    To which I say let’s start growing our beards! Haha

    While I am a huge fan of email, YouTube, online communities, etc

    There is something that everybody seems to be missing in our culture.

    Every day we make a massive technological breakthrough in humanity, it almost NEVER results in more time, rest, or joy.

    And almost always results in more anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

    Even though all this technology promises things like:

    • “You‘ll be able to do this faster than ever before!”
    • “You’ll be more connected than ever before!”
    • “You’ll never have to do this again!”

    But these promises have been made already.

    Remember when emailing from your phone was a new technology?

    Their promise was that now you can do work whenever and wherever to get through your emails and have more time to relax.

    What happened?

    Now we email more than ever and it follows us wherever we go.

    Less rest. More fatigue.

    Or how about when AI could edit videos for us and caption them to post online?

    We’ve saved hours editing content which means what?

    Now people are creating MORE content with that time!

    Instead of posting once a day, now posting three times a day is the norm.

    People are trading the time technology is “saving them” for more work, more fatigue, more digital digital digital.

    Not Yours Truly!

    I’m reading more paper books than ever.

    Spending less time scrolling than ever.

    Heck, I even print the emails I want to read! I don’t even read them on my phone haha

    Not because I hate the digital world but because I want to actually enjoy all the time that technology promised to buy back for me…

    Which is exactly why even my email copywriting business model is built around a 2-hour workday (as opposed to some full agency life).

    No matter how advanced technology gets my goal is always to simply…

    Write my stuff, Publish my stuff, then CHILL!

    To which of course, I unashamedly give you the opportunity to look at my course Write Publish Chill:


    I’m not begging or even asking you to buy it. In fact, I’m having steak tonight whether you do or don’t.

    I’m simply giving you the opportunity to peek into my business model that prioritizes time over the digital fatigue life.

    And if that’s the life you too want to enjoy. Then click the link.

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Offline Mode” Dragu

    P.S. Fun fact — In the 1930’s, John Maynard predicted that humans would barely work 15 hours a week in the 21st century due to such insane technological advancements.

    Now people work 50-60 hours per week.

    Crazy, right?

    Get off the hamster wheel…