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    Stan Lee (Marvel Creator) Brand Building Secrets:

    Marvel is undoubtedly the most prolific and brilliant storytelling and brand building company in the world.

    Which is exactly why I’ve been studying them so intensely for the last few months…

    • Reading books about how the company was built
    • Examining how the stories are created
    • “Studying” the movie’s worlds =)

    And I came across this nugget from the book Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe.

    It’s 1962…

    Stan Lee is 38 years old working for his uncle, Martin Goodman, at Timely Comics.

    He spent the last 20 years working for him.

    Pumping out idea after idea and frankly he’s sick of it.

    He tells his wife, “I’m going quit. I hate the deadlines. Following trends. Writing bad stories just for profit.”

    Then his wife tells him, “Before you quit… why don’t you just a write a comic the way you would write it. If you’re gonna quit anyway — who cares what he says.”

    Thus births The Fantastic Four.

    A story that defiles the norms of all things “Super Heros”!

    No capes. No masks.

    The Fantastic Four barely feel comfortable in their own skin with their new powers.

    It sold like hot cakes on a Saturday morning though!

    Stan Lee takes another whack at a fresh story and just a few months later…

    … The Incredible Hulk is Born!

    Once again defiling the norms of all things Super Heros.

    So much so that readers couldn’t even tell if The Incredible Hulk was a REAL superhero!

    I mean — what is he saving people from? He’s angry and destroying the city.

    Is this supposed to be a hero? And yet…

    … People Ate It Up!

    To which shortly after led to Stan Lee’s most brilliant Super Hero of all time (and my personal favorite):

    Spider-Man =)

    Double downing on what seemed to be a magical formula for brilliancy (and profit)..

    Stan Lee did the one thing he knew was working…

    … He defiled the norms!

    Doing the exact opposite of what every other comic company (especially DC) was pumping out.

    Instead of a muscle-bound adults with a cape — Stan Lee drew up a scrawny teenage in Spandex who had trouble talking to girls.

    Instead of Nazi-killing American Shielded warrior — Stan Lee turned Spider-Man into a friendly neighborhood joke-telling non-killing hero.

    Spider-Man was so opposite to what a traditional “winning” superhero formula was that Martin Goodman (Stan Lee’s Boss) immediately pulled Spider-Man off the newsstands!

    “We can’t put this crap out there…”

    …It’s going to fail!

    “Nobody wants see some teenage kids helping out the neighborhood — let alone in a spider suit. Nobody likes spiders!”

    62 years later today — in 2024, guess how much the Spider-Man brand is worth?

    27.078 Billion Dollars!

    Which leads us to the most underrated “secret” of any marketing or business you can think of.

    The Principle of Defiance:

    “If you want to succeed in marketing, business (or even life for that matter). You need to not only defy the norms of your industry, but defy the people who try to impose those norms or their ideas upon you.” Dan Kennedy

    In other words —


    I do this in my brand all the time and I can safely tell you — it’s one of the best decisions I ever made!

    Most people send weekly emails. I send daily emails.

    Most people write short emails. I write long emails.

    Most people post on five different social media platforms. I post on one.

    Most people consume 99% of content via video. I read paper books.

    Most people use Helvetica font for their products. I use Garamound.

    Most people study Alex Hormozi and Naval Ravikant. I study Ben Settle & Dan Kennedy.

    Doing the opposite is like going Nude to a public beach —

    People can’t help but stare!

    And when used properly — you can turn all that attention into a way to brilliantly share your ideas and turn yourself into a profitable and prolific writing business.

    Which is exactly the mindset I went in for my course — Write Publish Chill.

    With all these complex funnels, automations, multi-channel flywheel crap people teach.

    I simplified down a six-figure writing business to 3 steps.

    That’s it.

    It’s so simple you’ll either think I’m brilliant or dumb as a brick (I could care less either way — as long as it helps YOU!)

    If you want to see what I am talking about…

    Click the link below!

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “DEFILE THE NORMS” Dragu

    P.S. Who is somebody you look up to that you would consider is defiling the norms in your industry? (I read every reply!)