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    Should I buy this $5,000 course?!

    A couple of days ago, I bought another Ben Settle book — Copy Slacker.

    (Which admittedly cost me 2 arms, a leg, and a second mortgage on my house) 🤣

    But it’s an investment in my copywriting journey!

    (That I plan on making back 10x el rapido)

    While I was at it — I messaged Ben directly and asked:

    “What other resources would you recommend I study to master copywriting like you!?”

    He sent me a list of 10 resources…

    Most of the list I had been studying intensely already 😎

    But the first thing on his list, I had not heard of yet.

    It was Gary Bencivenga’s 100 Seminar.

    To which I googled and read the entire…

    23 Page Sales Letter!

    Only to get to the end and realize that the course cost $5,000!!!


    I thought what I paid for the book was expensive but JEEZ! Haha!

    I’m not going to lie…

    I was freaking tempted!

    But I like my marriage.

    And if I know anything about Adriana, she would NOT approve of this purchase 🤣

    But the thing that almost got me was his dang guarantee!

    His guarantee was that if you don’t make 50x your investment ($250,000) in less than 2 years, he would return your entire $5,000 back…

    No questions asked!

    Thus reminded me of the simple yet INSANE persuasion formula that Gary Bencivenga himself teaches!

    The 4-UP Framework:

    1. Find your customer’s URGENT PROBLEM
    2. Show them your UNIQUE PROMISE
    4. Finished off with a USER FRIENDLY PROPOSITION

    To which Gary almost FINISHED me with his (almost) irresistible proposition!

    So I ask you…

    Should I bite the bullet and buy the course anyway!?

    (And challenge his 50x Return Guarantee!)

    Reply and let me know what you would do!

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Studying The Masters” Dragu

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