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    People are WRONG about you.

    “Alin — let’s get a real writer in here and you go do what you’re good at.”


    That one still stings.

    This came from my a previous boss of mine.

    Here’s the context:

    We we’re updating our email marketing strategy and we didn’t have a copywriter on staff.

    So I wrote the first batch of emails myself (which I had plenty of experience doing email marketing for a prior eCom company I worked for).

    But my current role at that organization was Operations (I.e. not creative in any way, shape or form.)

    So my boss pigeon holed me.

    Not just once, but over and over and over again across the years that we worked together.

    If I touched anything remotely creative (copywriting, web design, graphic design or whatever) — he would always say something like:

    “Alin, come on, let the creatives do that stuff and you do what you’re good at.”

    The funny thing?!

    Amigo wasn’t looking at the results because I was clearly good at it! haha!

    My emails had the most opens and clicks.

    My social posts went the most viral.

    My landing pages had the most conversions.

    But at the time all I ever felt was…

    The buzz-like sting of those words!

    Him (and the others following his lead) basically saying —

    Alin stop trying to be creative and do something else.”

    To which I look back now and say…

    You were wronggggg suckaaaas 👋😊

    And not just says I but also says the #1 best-selling book I wrote alongside the thousandssss of dollars I’ve made writing emails for myself and some clients.

    I’m not trying to pat myself on the back but point out something crucial for you…

    99% of people are wrong about you!

    People will see you do one thing and put you in a box.

    They’re not looking at your potential, interests, desires, ideas, and skillset from a 10,000-foot view.

    They have a 3-foot view of you.

    The lesson?

    Don’t let the nay-sayers stop you from doing what you love and genuinely know you’re good at.

    I can’t imagine if I would have let those insecurities stop me from writing today.

    I seriously get fired up just thinking about it!!

    But as I calm down…

    I challenge you…

    Has somebody told you you can’t write? You can’t send emails? You’ll never make it?

    Tell ‘em to touch grass and go prove them wrong.

    I believe in you.

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “Creative as Hell” Dragu

    P.S. If you’re just getting started with copywriting / writing online — you may dig my course to help you shave off 12 months of trying to “figure it all out”