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    Mafia Pastor Exiled by Facebook Group!

    True story:

    I was the phone last week with a guy who reached out about getting some marketing help for his church.

    He’s the pastor of a 1,000+ person church currently but taking over another location (to expand).

    “The church I’m taking over is down to about 4 or 5 people and really needs help”

    Oh man… four or five people — bummer — what happened? (I asked)

    “It was actually pastored by a crazy narcissist who was John Gotti’s nephew!

    … you know, John Gotti, The American Gangster!


    How in the world did that happen!?

    “I don’t know man, it’s crazy! He would preach about his Uncle John in the sermons like he was some kind of hero… you can’t make this stuff up! In fact, before he got exiled, he tried to sell the building for a million bucks so he could bolt!”

    Jaw-dropped I asked him…

    Why do you need me?

    … You’ve grown a church to 1,000+ people already!

    What do you need marketing help with?

    Well I grew that church very counter culturally. I didn’t do traditional marketing or ads or flyers or anything. I simply opened up a Facebook Group online and built a deep community over the years. That group become so tight knit and powerful that 80% of our attendance came from that Facebook Group. I loved it but don’t really have the time to invest into a group like I did back in the day.

    Once he finished that sentence, I put my phone down…

    … and applauded the heck out of him!

    For there in lies a valuable lesson that my new friend who “knows nothing about marketing” did beautifully.

    And that is…

    … he focused on relationships!

    The internet acts like humans have changed over the years but they haven’t.

    Even with AI, automation and all the other distractions we have — humans still want one thing:

    To be seen, heard, felt and loved by other humans. Period.

    And this exactly what I talk about in my book, Meaningful Marketing.

    How to tap into the human side of marketing that is:

    1. More fulfilling to you as a leader
    2. More beneficial for your business in the long haul

    Feel free to grab it up if you haven’t already:

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Relationships First” Dragu

    P.S. I’m building my own tight knit community of Creatorpreneurs — is that something you would be interested in?