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    Janky Tree Smashes My Patience!

    It’s 2014.

    I’m 21 years old.

    My wife and I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment where the rent is $675.

    It’s Christmas time and we’re decorating our Apartment. (Which should take no more than 12 minutes given how tiny it was)

    Except for the tree. Which I wish I could remember where we got this…

    Janky crooked Christmas tree from!

    (Remember being young and broke? haha)

    But back to the decorating…

    You have to decide – do you go super colorful? Just red and green? Just white and gold? Just white?

    *P.S. — the answer is WHATEVER YOU WIFE WANTS*

    We spend 3 hours or so decorating this tree…

    This thing had so many ornaments and lights we put the Griswalds to shame!

    A job well done!

    My wife goes to take a shower and get the sap off her hands while I move 2.5 feet to left (in the same living room) and decide to relax with some PlayStation games!

    I’m thwippin’ bad guys in Spider-Man until…

    💥 BANG! 💥

    💥 SMASH! 💥

    💥 KA-POW! 💥

    The tree towers over and smashes straight into our IKEA coffee table!

    Ornaments go flying across the room!

    The Sprite and water we filled into the tree base drenches the carpet!

    ** 👋 say bye bye to that deposit **

    I toss my gaming headphones off and unashamedly kick this stupid janky Christmas tree!

    **Whilst yelling some slight profanities, forgive me Lord **

    My wife is just observing her 21 year old STEAMING husband… 😡 💢

    And she kindly walks and starts cleaning up the mess without saying a word.

    (I then calm myself down and do the same)

    2 hours later and now midnight… the Janky tree is back up, the living room is somewhat clean and…

    Green Goblin is yet again getting Thwipped by Yours Truly on Playstation!

    So all is well in the Dragu household but that Tree taught me a valuable lesson about the next 10 years of entrepreneurship I was about to embark on.

    Because from 21 years old to 31 years old (Today) — I’ve launched 21+ start ups. (And most of them failed)

    And the ones that failed had one thing in common…

    They were just like my Janky Tree!

    I would get an idea for a business and only focus on the decorations.

    The colors, the lights, the bells, the whistles, the features, the website, the branding, the social marketing, etc

    Never paying attention to…

    The FOUNDATION of the business itself!

    • The problem this business solves
    • The people this business serves
    • The desire people have for it

    Then I took a bad idea (Janky Tree) and tried to cover it up with fancy lights and decorations to make it look like a great idea!

    And up close, you may get a few people fooled…

    But when you take a few steps back, you notice just how unstable this thing is!

    The Lesson?

    If your online biz isn’t taking off — I urge you, stop decorating!

    And start looking at whether you have a tree people actually want to buy (even without all the fancy bells and whistles)

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Now Buys All His Trees From Home Depot” Dragu

    P.S. What’s the biggest problem your business is trying to solve right now?

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