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    I’m going Monk Mode for 6 months.

    One of the most iconic documentaries:

    The Last Dance.

    It’s the story of how Michael Jordan and the 90’s Chicago Bulls pull off another 3-Peat.

    (3 Championships back to back to back)

    This is what stapled Michael Jordan as not just the greatest basketball player of all time…

    But quite possibly the greatest athlete of all time!

    I’ve seen this documentary at least 2-3 times.

    And the thing that keeps me (and millions of other people) so wildly mesmerized is MJ’s relentless passion and grit for the sport.

    So much so that when you’re watching you kinda think to yourself…

    This guy is kind of an a**hole 🤣

    Not in the “bully on the playground kinda way” — but in a way that makes it clear:

    If you’re not willing to work as hard as he is…

    Get off the freaking court!

    And at the end of the day — this is what makes Michael Jordan well… Michael Jordan!

    MJ wasn’t sitting around Xanga, AOL, or Online Forums scrolling threads on…

    “How to become a multi-millionaire superstar basketball player!”

    He was on the court.

    He was running sprints.

    He was lifting weights.

    He was shooting 500 three-pointers before he could even go home.

    He was relentless about…

    Doing the work!

    And therein lies the lesson that has plagued so many copywriters today.

    They read one book, write a couple threads, and wonder why no one is hiring them. (Or worse, they think they’re amazing when they are 💩)

    I’ve had to deal with my own reality in this too…

    Am I as good as I really think I am?

    No, I’m not.

    And it has nothing to do with anything other than you’re not putting in that MJ work.

    So for the next 6 months (until the end of 2024)…

    I’ve decided to delete YouTube, Email & Twitter from my phone. (My greatest crutches)

    I’m going MONK MODE.

    And replace my screen time with studying even more.

    I want to be…

    One of the greatest copywriters to ever live!

    And if you want the same.

    I ask you to join me.

    I hope this inspired you.

    Until next time – your friend,

    Alin “Work Like MJ To Get Results Like MJ” Dragu

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