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    I ran out of ideas…

    It’s November 2023.

    I’m in a private co-hort with Virgil Brewster, Eddy Quan and a few other Twitter legends.

    Virgil is literally YELLING at everybody in this group call:

    “You MotherF!&%@r$! need to be sending DAILY EMAILS!”

    While he is COMPLETELY shirtless on this Zoom call 🤣

    (For context, he lives in Bali where its 90 degrees and beautiful all the time so his wardrobe hasn’t seen a shirt in years)

    Virgil is yelling.

    Eddy is quietly eating watermelon nodding along.

    And the rest of us are trying to figure out..

    How in Saint Pete are we going to find time and IDEAS to be able to write an email EVERY SINGLE DAY!?

    At this point, I’m sending an email a week that takes me over an hour!

    But if I’m going to be a serious Copywriter, a true legend amongst of the Immortals like Ben Settle, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Gary Halbert…

    Then I need to shut my pie hole and write an email everyday!

    To which I took my shirt off, looked Virgil right in the eye and said…

    I’m in brotha!

    (JK I didn’t take my shirt off. Should I have? I should have. I now regret not taking my shirt off. AHHH!)

    VIRGIL: And when are you gonna start brotha!?

    ALIN: Next week.

    VIRGIL: Wrong answer my man.

    ALIN: This weekend!

    VIRGIL: Another stupid answer. Try again.

    ALIN: Tomorrow!

    VIRGIL: Closer but not yet.

    ALIN: Today?

    VIRGIL: Finally! You’re gonna start today!

    ALIN: Bro it’s 9:30PM…

    VIRGIL: Sounds like you have two and a half hours to write an email brotha!

    To which I got off the phone, whipped out my iPad and opened a new Notion Note!

    Then sat there…

    And waited…






















    My mind.

    Dead. Freaking. Blank.

    Bro, I can’t even think of what to write in this email.

    How in the Lord’s Glorious & Beautiful Name am I going to write something tomorrow? And the next day?

    To which I cranked out a random email that night, shipped it off to my then (very tiny) email list and committed to…

    Never staring in front of a BLANK PAGE EVER AGAIN!

    I studied every:

    • Copywriting course I could get my hands on
    • YouTube videos on idea generation
    • Books on Storytelling

    It’s officially been 9 months of daily emails!

    270+ daily emails of 500+ words each EASY (Just like this one)

    And not a day goes by where I don’t know what to write.

    In fact, I write two to three emails PER DAY now and send you the BEST one (so you don’t even see the other ones I don’t deem worthy of your time)

    Not to mention, I record weekly YouTube videos AND still write three tweets per day!

    (And I’m just getting started)

    But how do I write ALL THIS CONTENT without ever running out of fresh ideas?

    I’m revealing my secrets inside of this one-time weekend cohort called Content Academy!

    July 12th (This Friday) I am having a one-hour conversation with Art of Purpose.

    (One of the top 5% biggest and most engaged accounts on Twitter ever!)

    And thats just ONE of TWELVE sessions in a 3-Day Event Weekend.

    Click the link below to save your private spot:

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “Never Running Out Of Ideas” Dragu

    P.S. Other people leading sessions for Content Academy are Taylin Simmonds, Sana, Culture Critic, Travis Cody, Save Your Sons, and Art of Sales!

    P.P.S. Registration CLOSES IN 48 HOURS! This event is NOT being redistributed or resold anywhere else… ever! This is a ONE-TIME event going to those jumping in THIS WEEKEND ONLY. And if you can’t make it LIVE, the only way to access the recordings is by purchasing THIS event.

    P.P.P.S. I’m going to give an INSANE bonus for YOU only (for being on my email list!). When you sign up to Content Academy using the LINK ABOVE (my unique special link) then I will GIFT you my Write Publish Chill micro-course for FREE (Currently Sells for $197!) — YES FREE.


    So that’s $249 TOTAL for Content Academy (12 Recorded Sessions on writing one million dollars worth of content) AND Write Publish Chill (21 lessons on building passive income via email)!

    Total Value = $446 $249

    Okay okay okay enough of that. =) Enjoy the steak and sizzle before it goes away.

    See ya in the inbox tomorrow! 👋 byeeeeee

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