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    I murdered another business!

    A couple weeks ago, I took Coffee & Copywriting to the edge of a gorgeous mountain peak and graciously shoved it down a treacherous and rocky pit fall to it’s death.

    *whoa that escalated quickly!*

    For context:

    Coffee & Copywriting was a paid newsletter where I sent a daily micro-tip on copywriting that you could read in 90 seconds or less (and apply immediately).

    And whilst I dreamt of glorious copywriting clouds where monthly recurring revenue flowed like the waters of Aspen…

    I quickly popped those clouds!

    And not necessarily because the business model didn’t (or doesn’t work) but for a few other reasons I shall touch on today.

    Starting with the idea of consumption.

    Most people focus on “The Other Marketing C”

    *Pssssst I am talking about the coveted conversion*

    But actually my conversion for Coffee & Copywriting was going well!

    I had well over 100+ subscribers in our first month and over 10% of those we’re paid subscribers.

    (Which is 2x the normal ratio of paid subscribers to free subscribers on a paid newsletter, just a hat tip there for ya)

    But what I was noticing is…

    Most people weren’t consuming the content!

    Let alone taking action on it!

    How do I know this?

    Because my data was showing me that when people were subscribing, all the archives had a huge uptick in views…

    But the data of them actually opening the daily emails was way worse than I expected.

    And as my curious curious brain began to spider-sense a wild tingling of what was actually happening — I indeed scratched my itch.

    To realize…

    …I built a glorified swipe file!

    What I was hoping would be a copywriter’s dream to get one juicy, tasty and valuable tip in their inbox every single morning to stir their minds to write better copy and make more money…

    Became a hi-jacked dream cloud for “aspiring” copywriters to pay $10 to get past a pay wall, jump into every archive I’d posted (once they had instant access) and then copy and paste everything into their own Notion or Apple Notes or whatever…

    Then leave!

    Which I learned from my churn data haha!

    People we’re unsubbing as fast as they we’re subbing, but not in a “I test drove this product and it ain’t for me type thing” but in a more…

    “I paid for 30 days but I’ma give it 3 days and then cancel”

    Which again — is head scratchingly odd! (Unless you’re only interested in swiping the archive and bolting the heck outta there before you get charged again haha)

    And if this didn’t have me laughing hard enough, I triple confirmed my notion when I saw how many of the paid subscribers had emails that included the words

    • “swipe”
    • “affiliate”
    • “Info”

    But here’s the reality — Coffee & Copywriting was growing fast.

    Paid subscribers we’re still coming in.

    I probably could have made some tweaks and built that thing way up!

    So why kill it?

    I’m finding myself less and less interested playing the Creative Entrepreneur game with people hanging out on Level 0 or Level 1.

    • Just getting started.
    • Looking for entry level tips.
    • No real business just swiping for digital content.

    So instead of pouring hours into building a digital an ecosystem that is so easily accessible, low commitment, low consumption, catered to beginners…

    … I’m going the exact opposite!

    *Wifffffff do I smell an expensive paper newsletter coming!?*

    Potentially. Maybe. We shall see =)

    But no matter what’s next, I am positioning everything that my personal brand ships out to be for people playing the Creatorpreneur game on Level 3 and 4.

    They have a business, a real offer, a dedicated niche and want to take it to the next level.

    These are the people I seek to serve.

    And if that’s you, buckle up cause it’s gonna be a wild ride!

    If that’s not you… the content I write here is officially irrelevant and it may be best you unsub.

    Next week I am going to give you more insight into the future of how I’m shifting my publishing business.

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “Creatorpreneurs Only” Dragu

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