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    How To Sell Any Product Via Email.

    I was the on with full-time Creator & Coach, Alex Manzi.

    Towards the end of the call, he asked me this:

    *“How would go about selling one-on-one coaching via email? (As opposed to selling digital products)

    It feels like selling coaching is much more personal cause they’re buying you where products is way more transactional.


    Here’s what I said:


    Whether somebody is buying a $97 video course or a $970 coaching call.

    They’re never just “buying a product” — they’re buying you.

    More realistically, they are buying the result that they believe you can get them but they only believe it because they trust you.

    This is why writing online daily (on social media and email) is so important because it builds deeper relationships with the people you seek to serve.

    And you build relationships with those people because you truly because you can help them. (Not just sell them crap).

    Which leads me to the next idea of this conversation:


    Because it’s not about the products — again, it’s about the relationship!

    The ONLY reason I sell stuff via email is because:

    1. It helps the people I seek the serve (writers & soloprenuers)
    2. I believe the stuff I sell them with make their lives 10x better

    So it’s worth the investment.

    Could I make way more selling dog toys on TikTok via an e-commerce store? Sure. I bet I could. But I don’t — cause my personal passion isn’t to help dog owners (nothing against dogs, just not my thing)

    All this to say…

    If you have a personal brand — it’s never about selling and it’s never transactional.

    It’s always about relationships.

    People buying your stuff is simply a by product of people trusting you and evidence that you genuinely care about the market you serve.

    So my question for you my dear reader —

    Do you care about the people you serve? Or are you just trying to make a quick buck?

    Care is the most sustainable business practice in the world. Chasing quick cash may lead to a nice paycheck but it lacks purpose.

    Find the people you care about.

    Build deep relationships.

    Make them products that will genuinely help their lives.

    That’s it.

    There’s your whole strategy.

    And speaking of products that will genuinely help their lives.

    I invest over 100 hours into my new micro-course Write Publish Chill where I teach you:

    • How to write content online that builds authority and trust
    • How to sell products via email on autopilot (to build passive income)
    • How to create digital products that genuinely help people (and are profitable)

    If you like the sound of that, click the link to the button below:

    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Relationships First” Dragu

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