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    George Costanza’s Magnetic Marketing Formula

    Yesterday, I sent a you an email telling you about Stan Lee (The creator of Spider-Man / brilliant mind of Marvel).

    Specifically how to turned Spider-Man into a $27 billion dollar brand by doing the exact OPPOSITE of every other superhero in his industry.

    Which reminded of another story that’s just as brilliant (and 20% funnier haha!)

    There’s this episode of Seinfeld where George and Jerry are sitting at Monk’s Cafe and like usual…

    … George is complaining!

    “I live with my mom.”

    “I barely attract any women.”

    “I have the worst job in the world!”

    To which Jerry gives him this advice…

    “Well George, if up to this point in your life this is where all your decisions have landed you why don’t you just…


    To which George thanked Jerry profusely and said THAT’S BRILLIANT!!!

    So he did.

    Every time George had a thought — he stopped himself and said, okay… now do the opposite!

    By the end of the episode, it’s downright madness!

    George is dating a supermodel.

    He lives in a New York City penthouse.

    And he’s the Manager of the New York Yankees! (Haha!!)

    And while the story is fiction (unlike yesterdays brilliant take on Stan Lee’s life story)

    The concept is downright highway robbery!

    In the best way possible — meaning… when you do the opposite of everyone in your:

    • Circle
    • Industry
    • Friend Group

    You stick out like a Streaker on a public beach — people can’t help but stare!

    And to be honest, this concept isn’t some “New and Novel” way of thinking.

    This is the same concept used by Kanye West, Donald Trump (and previously) Apple.

    And it’s what you should be doing in your personal brand every single day!

    “Oh this trend is taking off? I’m against it.”

    “Oh people love that font? I’ma choose this ugly font.”

    “Oh minimalism is in? I’ma go maximalist!”

    Because today’s creator economy is fueled on one thing…


    If you can master the art of capturing (or even DEMANDING) attention — you’ll never go broke a day of your life.

    And if you enjoyed this concept — you’d love my book: Meaningful Marketing.

    Where I chat about 38 tactical strategies (just like this one) for you to implement in your brand and business today!

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    Until tomorrow — your friend,

    Alin “Do the opposite” Dragu

    P.S. Curious what the biggest problem you have right now standing out in your industry — I’d love to help! (Reply back and let me know)