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    Fishing Lessons for Copywriters That Explains A 60-Year Old Copywriting Rule.

    Here’s a profound parable my copywriting mentor told me:

    Out in the Ocean, we’re two sets of people.

    One of them was just a guy in a small boat with a fishing pole.

    The other was a fleet of commercial fisherman with massive boats and many men fishing off every side of the boat.

    After an entire day of fishing, the commercial fisherman we’re groaning around about their lack of fish.

    Whilst the little ol’ guy on his tiny boat with one rod had out-fished them 10 to 1.

    They noticed from a distance this man out fishing them.

    So they coasted over to him and asked…

    “Good sir! Please do tell… how is that you alone with one rod and very little equipment catch so many fish whilst we with the best equipment and many rods catch very little?”

    To which the little ol’ fisherman replied:

    I know where the fish are!

    Andddd there lies the valuable lesson for all you lovely Copywriters on this prestigious list…

    It doesn’t matter:

    • How good your copy is
    • How well priced your offer is
    • How incredible your product is

    If there’s no fish where you’re casting your hook, you’ll come up empty!

    This goes back to the classic wisdom from prolific copywriter John Carlton who says…

    “If you want to sell with your copy, get in front of a parade.”

    I.e. don’t try to convince people to buy your product…

    Sell people a product they already want!

    This is the difference between novice copywriters who spend hours writing copy not knowing what their market even wants!

    Foolish games you thoust play!

    Like the legendary Ben Settle says:

    “Be market-focused, not marketing-focused.”

    To which I embark to you my next question:

    What do you want from me?

    I am making 2 products and I want to see which one you desire first…

    1 – A Copywriter’s Crash Course that gets you from ZERO experience, dead beginner to being able to charge thousands for your work.


    2 – The Email Copywriter’s Handbook — how to think, write, and create emails every single day that sell your own stuff to your own list and build passive income (a detailed look into EVERYTHING I DO including sequences, ideas, product positioning, etc)

    Simply reply to this email ONE or TWO — and I will tally up your little heart’s desires and deliver it to you 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    Until tomorrow – your friend,

    Alin “Give The People What They Want” Dragu

    P.S. Don’t be shy to reply to this email. I read and reply to every single one!

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